Launched in 2000, LondonEdge brings fashion, music and lifestyle together as it’s exhibitors & buyers hit the UK’s capital twice annually. A creative gathering of 250 lifestyle collections from all round the globe, this fashion trade show returns season after season, rewired & boasting yet more of the very best creative & innovative, short order designers.


Originally the brainchild of exhibition organiser Carole Hunter and jewellery manufacturer Sandra Phillipson, LondonEdge remains the only trade show on the planet exclusively for sub-culture collections and new youth-culture designers. This series of iconic shows engage, track & record the changes in youth culture, music, lifestyles, fashion and body art. 


A celebration of the cool, edgy, lifestyle, retro, street and contemporary, visitors and journalists alike flock to the show year-on-year for a sneak preview of what the future season holds from the cutting edge collections exhibited. From inspired retro interpretations, new vintage incarnations, rainbow hair colours, hot street wear styles to dramatic cosmetics innovative accessories and mind-blowing footwear, London Edge never fails to deliver.


Season after season, visitor expectations of ‘the planets ultimate creative & commercial fashion trade show’ are met head-on by this fashion lifestyle trade show. Buyers can confidently and fully invest in the insightful and bold trends on show as each new generation of cutting edge designers make their mark.


Taking their place alongside some of the most established brands of the industry, LondonEdge has proven that it is a place for the creative, expressive and downright beautiful to come together and celebrate their individuality. Offering a versatile, yet commercial platform for exhibitors to showcase in all their glory, there are no restrictions to self-expression at this show … not forgetting the legendary after show party too!


Modeling at LondonEdge

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 2nd - 3rd September 2018

Punk rock, tattoo inspired, rockabilly and vintage styled clothing, accessories and housewares from Sourpuss Clothing.
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Collectif Clothing
Collectif Clothing
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