Alchemy are the original alternative jewellery brand, now with an international fan base, and several brands under their belt. Alchemy started in Manchester, when in 1977 Geoff Kayson and Trevor Phillipson, self-taught, amateur artists and model makers, started making punk anti-jewellery. They started off selling to local shops, at gigs and by mail order, and as demand grew they found themselves making pewter skull jewellery and being asked to make tour merchandise for bands.


Theirs is a real grass roots to success story – 35 years later they are still under the original ownership, and have held true to their values of unique, in-house design based in the UK, catering to a strictly alternative crowd.


Most impressively, Alchemy is an entirely self contained operation – from ideas and concepts to artwork and product design, through all product development then hand made commercial production, and finally product distribution.


Often when you think of Alchemy jewellery you’ll think of their most popular style – the English pewter designs, with lots of detailing and adornment. Unique and original artwork is a signature of the brand, and their collections span a huge range of genres - tattoo, retro, rockabilly, punk, rock, biker, metal, goth, period, romantic, steampunk…


These are three of our current favourites from their Alchemy metal-wear range, with a rock, biker and metal edge to it.



Alchemy Brand Spotlight


Come and check out Alchemy and their impressive range at LondonEdge in September, or see more at their website here