Photographer and Model Beatriz Talks to LondonEdge


Hey Beatriz! So, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do…

Gee, where should I start? So, I’m 21 years old now, and I’m from Portugal. I’ve been more involved in photography since I was 15 or so, even though I’ve always loved photography and all other art forms. I started to draw at a really young age, I just wouldn’t stop drawing, and I still do today! I still get illustration requests or to sell paintings, and more recently I decided to take this to another level and become a tattoo apprentice. I also always had a really huge passion for music, and I continued that as well, I was really young when I started composing, and at this moment I’m am in a death metal band together with my boyfriend and bunch of close friends creating new things. Of course, with all this, I’ve always had the passion for photography happening at the same time! I realized  really wanted to create and further and further. 


So, as a photographer, I started as a kid photographing weddings. Goddamn it, I was 15 or 16, and I was caught up in an environment of adrenaline that I couldn’t just let go! Since then, I’ve been exploring all the fields in photography, and I figured out I’m very fond of creating art pieces using myself as a canvas. And I’ve never stopped ever since! So I guess I can say, even though photography is my priority, I also work with video, illustration, and music!


We met you last season at LondonEdge, with Rogue and Wolf, tell us a bit about your experience of the show last season, and working with Rogue and Wolf?

Oh working with The Rogue + The Wolf is just AMAZING! We’ve been working together for a few years now, and my love, trust, and dedication to them is just growing each day! They invited me to join them, and I can only say, it was the best experience of my life! That was the first time I actually got to know them personally, and they’re just the kindest and most loving people ever! I really don’t have to words to describe it! It was so much to see all the backstage things happening, how the room was entirely built up in a matter of hours. It was absolutely phenomenal to meet and greet everyone, seeing all different styles, and being able to get in contact with so many different people. Of course, it was amazing to also meet (and photograph) all the bloggers and models there! Gosh, I swear to Satan’s testicles I felt like I was living a dream! All the rush, all the super kind people. It was just out of this world, and I owe it all to Eloise and Michael (owners of The Rogue + The Wolf) because none of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for them! They took care of me like family, and I just couldn’t be more thankful for that! ❤


So, what do you prefer, the modeling side of the industry or the photography?

Definitely the photography! I can say that I “accidently stepped” into the modelling side of things. I was doing a lot of self portraits (still do) and then someone asked “why won’t you photograph yourself for the brands as well?” and at first it sounded a bit absurd because I’m my mind those were two completely different things, but then once I made it, people just kept on asking more! I started to make self-portraits because I need to express myself, and photography has always been the cure to fight against my body image issues, as well as other obstacles, and it’s a healing process for me. But I do prefer the photography side though, as I’m a visionary person, and I’m always in a huge need of creating as much as I am of breathing! It’s just an out-of-this-world feeling to create something with your bare hands from scratch and through very rudimental ways (oh, you though I had a billion dollar worth studio? No sir! It’s all improvised).


What brands are really exciting to work with at the moment?

The most exciting one of course is The Rogue + The Wolf! Our styles are very close, so we’re always in the same page when we’re talking about the creative process! It’s always fun and fulfilling working for them! I also enjoy doing things for Killstar, Disturbia and Pinkmilk Sweden! Three completely different brands, but in my image style too!


What drives your alternative fashion style? How would you describe your fashion style? Who/what are your inspirations?

I’ve always been “weird” since a little kid. I have a very tomboy style, if you see me on the street I’m probably wearing an old oversized shirt, old ripped jeans, and an old pair of boots, and that’s it! My fashion style is just pure metalhead style. I’m a heavy metal fanatic, and always have been, I don’t care what you think, I don’t care if my shirt is three size above mine, it’s heavy fucking metal! I really don’t have inspirations. My style is my own thing, so my inspiration is literally nothing that is out there! Many of the things I wear are DIY, modified, or really old items you can’t find anywhere. I enjoy doing my own thing.”
The Rogue and Wolf will be with us in September at the show, and we hope to see Beatriz there too! 

See more on their website here, and check out Beatriz’ work on her Instagram page



If you love alternative brands such as Disturbia, Killstar and The Rogue and The Wolf, the chances are you are familiar with Beatriz Mariano. Beatriz is a model/photographer, as renown for her perfectly styled selfies on Instagram as her elfin campaign shoots we think her style and look is synonymous with the best brand in the alternative scene. We caught up with her over email to chat about her career in alternative image making…

Beatriz in big boots
Beatriz Mariano Photographer and Model