Bepapaia Wholesale Jewellery and Piercings



At LondonEdge this season, Bepapaia is launching their Wild and Chic collection, reinventing the ethnic style. We asked the brand about what we can expect from the collection:


“A sophisticated bohemian style, with a dash of hippy and a vintage touch. ‘Wild and Chic’ fuses tribal and organic with a rebellious attitude. Ethnic septums, earrings and geometric necklaces, ear cuffs with sparkling gems and dangling earrings, in sterling silver and gold-plated. A wide selection of unique and extremely sought after pieces, exhibited in our attractive display stands.”


We look forward to seeing their newest collection at the show this season- don’t miss out, and check them out at stand D10, and see their website here

Bepapaia is a Barcelona based jewellery brand, founded in 2007, and this season is the first time they’ll be joining us at LondonEdge.


Bepapaia create fashion and body piercing jewellery in a huge range of styles, ranging from bohemian, contemporary, urban, vintage or trend-led designs. Where a lot of brands reflect a particular style or subculture through their designs, we love how bepapaia embraces a variety of styles, much like we do at LondonEdge. The brand say they, “infuse everything we do with a fresh, fun, trendy and alternative look… Original, rebellious and carefree... that’s Bepapaia!”


The brands designs are thoughtful and unique, and that attention to detail extends right through to the point of sale, with branded graphic counter display stands for wholesale clients, ideal tools for retail sales.

A selection of piercings and jewellery