Bettie Page shoes by Ellie


The Bettie Page collection from Ellie shoes is the product of two colliding genres, bought together by chance.


A family run company from California, Ellie Shoes started out in 2000 specializing in lingerie and bedroom shoes for women. These sexy heels would often lend themselves to the new generation of ‘sexier’ Halloween costumes, and through this link Ellie Shoes was introduced to the alternative market.


Sensing this was a market they could excel in, Ellie shoes developed relevant lines for lifestyle fashion, and now has an excellent range of licensed Bettie Page heels, much coveted by the retro markets. This burlesque and pin-up aesthetic very much speaks to the beginnings of Ellie shoes, a great extension of the brands!


Ellie Shoes says, “Gaining brand awareness in both industries is a huge accomplishment for us!  We take pride in working with reputable retailers, and their loyalty is what keeps our brands alive.  We offer costume specific shoes as well as unique designs for our sexy community.”


See more about the Bettie Page collection on the Eliie website site here