Charla Tedrick - Rock & Roll Specialty Footwear 


This week on the blog, we talk to Char Tedrick. Her brand ‘Charl Tedrick’ is new to this September’s London Edge, and her punky, adventurous shoes are due to make waves throughout the alternative fashion scene. 


You have a background in fashion, but what inspired you to transition into creating your own brand? 

I have had dreams of having my own brand since I was about 7 years old! I used to create client lists and retail floor plans before I was wearing a training bra! :) I had wanted to be a designer since I was a kid, sure, but more than that, I always wanted to be the boss and have my own company to boot. Starting my own brand was pretty much always the goal, but I began by gaining experience working for established companies first. 


What inspires the designs?

My designs are generally inspired by punk rock music and it’s associated culture. I think of my style as authentic rock & roll influence with a modern twist. The recognizable patterns and hardware pay homage to the history of punk and rock & roll but the silhouettes and quality of construction are pushing a more luxury market segment. I kind of think of my shoes as “what the band’s girlfriends and wives should be wearing”... They’re sexy and rad, but actually very stable and comfortable for a night’s wear… whether watching from side stage, in the crowd, or late night hangs at the after party. There are definitely lots of references to punk culture, 70’s punk, British punk fashion, and 50’s and 60’s rock n’ roll. Across my collections you’ll find lots of the classic recognizable punk details and elements (tartan, hardware, safety pins, etc.) I’d say that sums up the brand’s DNA. I’m usually designing what I personally want to wear and have never found out in the market. I don’t put out a single style that I, myself, wouldn’t be stoked to wear out TONIGHT to a show, on my feet for a few hours at least. They have to be comfortable. They have to be stable. They have to be bad ass. And they have to be memorable. Life’s too short for boring shoes.  

What are you most looking forward to seeing at London Edge? 

Honestly, I think I’m most looking forward to seeing the other Exhibitors and Attendees! It is a really, really special thing to have a bunch of people who truly relate on life, music, fashion and culture under the same roof. This will be my first time at London Edge, so I’m really pumped to be amongst my peers… other brands that are rockin’ & rollin’…. and amongst customers who live and breathe this lifestyle the same way we do. This will also be my first time to London, period! I’m looking forward to exploring some of the punk history and landmarks London has to offer. 


Thank you Char! 


We are really excited to see Char’s shoes at Booth M57


Who are your favourite clothing brands that your shoes fit well with?

I’m not really into labels, actually! I’m much more driven by originality of a piece, and by color (black usually!), prints (geometrics are my fave!), fabric and silhouette.  I like to think that Charla Tedrick shoes are generally the conversation piece of an outfit. Since I wear a ton of black and am heavily tattooed, my clothing is usually solid and simple…. and the focal point is my shoes.  But my style can also be pretty varying…. I like to mix it up sometimes… so I might wear a full circle halter dress reminiscent of pin up fashion out to dinner one night, then ripped up skinny jeans and a band tee with heels to a show the next night. I love influence from the 50’s and 60’s, but of course I love the fashion of 70’s punk also. I like to bring it all into my collections.  Luckily, my brand has a shoe for all occasions! My range is pretty wide, covering a lot of styles and looks within the rock n’ roll vibe. I’ve got platforms, platform boots, peep toe, closed toe, Chelsea boots, oxfords, platform sneakers, cowboy boots, pin-up inspired, sandals…. You name it and I’ve probably got a style to show! 

Women's 'ForEva' Pink  platform shoes
Models wearing Charla Tedrick Specialty Rock and Roll Shoes

What's next for your brand? 

Well we’re just about to launch the latest Fall 17’ collection on August 15th which is super exciting!  It will be available on my website as well as several online retailers in the US, Europe and Australia. We hope to keep expanding to more countries and more brick & mortar shops, aiming to better cater to customers all over the world. The Spring 18’ collection will launch soon after the holidays, and I’m working now on a totally-top-secret-super-sweet-special-exclusive-collection-that-I-can’t-talk-about-just-yet….. But more to come on that later. :)  I’ve designed and produced ALL categories in my past, apparel, bags, costumes, swim, lingerie… you name it! I look forward to expanding the brand to include accessories and apparel down the line. 


Blue 'Blaire' Platform shoes