A large portion of those reading this have at one point rocked brightly coloured hair, and we think the rest would be lying if they said they hadn’t thought about it! We’ve all at one point wanted to release our inner mermaid and achieve those dreamy rainbow locks.


Thankfully Crazy Colour have been turning that dream into a reality since 1977 when they exploded into the punk rock scene, and they’ve stood by us ever since. Unlike our parents in our teenage angst, Crazy Colour listened. They understand that purple isn’t just purple, and that there’s a distinct difference between Lilac and Lavender… Crazy Colour never want you to compromise, that’s why they created 27 unique shades covering all the colours from the rainbow and more. 


Crazy Color




That little pink bottle is full of power and completely unmissable, and as ever you’ll find them at the London Edge trade show! We also featured Crazy Colour in our beauty column in the LondonEdge magazine this season – check it out here 


This season the brand will be at stand M25, and you can see all their amazing shades online at the Crazy Color website.