The Official Edgeinfluencers for LondonEdge Feb18



Tell us about yourself:  I'm Kitty Cowell, aged somewhere between 20 and 31 haha! I'm a fashion stylist and blogger. I love metal and rock music and bits of hip hop of course. I really like murder mysteries, fast cars, collecting boots and trainers and vegan food. I have like 250 pairs of trainers... Whoops.


Describe your style in a few words:  Rock chic meets street-wear, meets Prada.


What are you favourite brands at the moment?:  I love Unif, Stussy & New Rock


What are you excited to see at LondonEdge?:  New Rock Boots, YRU and all the plaid skirts and trousers because I'm obsessed!


Find Kitty online @KittyCowell



Tell us about yourself: 

My name is Hannah, I'm 24 and I'm an Instagram fashion/make up blogger and freelance model. I work for an online fashion retailer and in my spare time I create looks for my IG page using pieces from brands I love and connect with. This has meant that I have been able to model freelance with a few of my favourite brands and meet so many amazing people just from using social media. Apart from IG and modeling, I also DJ a little with my partner on weekends.



Tell us about yourself:My name is Aimee and I'm a full time model of 1 year, modelling is my job as well as a hobby. My other hobbies include taking my own creative photos, experimenting with different looks and I'm very obsessed with wigs/hair and help run my friends wig and hair dye online website ( Mythic London).


Describe your style in three words :

Weird,fun and friendly!


What are you favourite brands at the moment?:

I am a lover of lots of brands, and love so many different styles. The brands that stand out to me are YRU, TUK Shoes, Isabelle Batz , Mermaid Salon, Goodbye Bread, The Rogue & Wolf, Killstar, Attitude Clothing, Sinister Soles, Current Mood, Little Devil Creations, Minga London and so on …


What are you excited to see at LondonEdge?:

I'm excited to see all the brands and other influencers. I attended last September as a visitor but unfortunately I didn't get to come on the Sunday.


Find her online @aimeeisweirdd


Each season we invite the crème de la crème of influencers to be a part of LondonEdge and this year is no different.  In the run up to the show, we’ll be letting you get to know them.​

Kitty Cowell
Kitty Cowell fashion influencer
Kitty Cowell posing outside fruit and veg store
Empty Alien -  freelance model
Empty Alien Freelance Model - zombie look

Describe your style in three words:

Consistent, adventurous & collaborative 


What are you favourite brands at the moment?:  

Still in love with New Rocks, they keep adapting and creating shoes that just make my heart beat alarming fast. Also really loving what Charla Tedrick has been doing, instantly felt so excited when I saw her collection last season and since then she has exploded into the scene.


What are you excited to see at LondonEdge?:  

I'm excited to see YRU, TUK Shoes, New Rock and Manic Panic, and any new brands that I haven't seen before!


Find Hannah online @__empty_alien

Empty Alien zombie look 2
Model photoshoot - Blue hair, denim shorts and fishnet stockings
Amiee is Weirdd - portrait with flowers
Amiee is Weirdd - photo 3