Tell us a bit about the brand

Hexbomb is a gothic alternative bath product company that I started working on Xmas 2015.Since I own a clothing store (Bella Muerte Clothing) we carry many gothic/alternative brands but in terms of beauty I have not seen many other alt products apart from makeup.


How did you come to develop Hex Bomb?

I developed Hexbomb when I had a few days off at xmas and some spare time. I wanted to create a gothic bathbomb initially that I would like and members of the alternative community would enjoy, I did not at the time anticipate how popular it would become!I got to work in January and with much trial and error and the help of our local health department figured out everything we needed to test and license our product and get it onto the market. Our 1st bath bomb released was the "bathory" blood bath bomb, then the "black as your soul bomb.


The brand has really exploded on social media over the last year - has that changed your business a lot?

Since the start we have had so much support on social media and the business did explode! We decided to build our pages i.e Facebook and Instagram on our customers pics and videos to show the experience of our customers with the product. The media were sharing our videos and pics around the globe and due to the massive interest we took thousands of preorders for our black as your soul bath bomb whilst also restocking our products every week.


We did this with just me and my employee Grace, it was a lot of work but we were determined to get it done, and we did. 2016 was the fastest year of our lives as we immersed ourselves into Hexbomb. We now have 12 licensed bath bombs and 4 perfume oils with more products being developed. We are still a small team of 6 and we hand-make, package and ship our product ourselves. You can get a lot done when you have a love for your product and a dedicated hard working team! 


Wholesale is a new venture for the brand this year – we’re so excited to see what you guys bring to Edge in February!

We plan on opening wholesale this year and are looking forward to meeting everyone at LondonEdge and exhibiting there. We will be shipping all of our products to the venue so that customers can get a good look at the products and test the scents, we will also demo the products there and introduce a few of our new bombs:) 


Hex Bomb will be joining us at LondonEdge in February, for their first venture into the wholesale world.


The brand swept Instagram throughout 2016, with their dark alternative to the pastel bath bomb imagery so often seen on social media.


We got in touch with Maria, brand creator, and asked for a bit more info on the brand and what they’ll be bringing to LondonEdge.


Threnody In Velvet - The Hex Bomb Collection
Hex Bomb - Green
Hex Bomb - Black
Hex Bomb bath product