Jeffrey Campbell


We are thrilled to announce that this September we will have footwear legend Jeffrey Campbell exhibiting with us!


Jeffrey Campbell Shoes are a family owned fashion-forward footwear label that we have been coveting since their launch in 2000. Famous for treacherously high heels and jaw dropping designs, Jeffrey Campbell shoes keep an eye on the trends without following the herd – definitely LondonEdge material.


Sandal and Boot


Shoe silhouettes don’t get much more recognisable than the Jeffrey Campbell Lita, which thanks to social media has an obsessional following. That thick wooden heel and the curved platform are instantly familiar as the brands iconic shape, endlessly copied and surprisingly comfortable! The Lita has been produced in an enormous array of styles and colour ways, from fur covered to that all-american flag, from laser-cut leather to death metal spikes.




Various Shoes 

Jeffrey Campbell is a family run company, and with a very small core team. The team keeps to themselves and Jeffrey himself is somewhat elusive - the brand is quoted as saying they are happy to let the shoes and the girl’s who wear them be the voice of the brand. This is apparent in their enviable social media following – over 1 million instagram followers alone! However, we’ll be hearing more from Jeffrey for the LondonEdge Magazine so keep an eye out for that, and Jeffrey Campbell will be showing with us at the BDC this September. For more information on how you can show your brand at LondonEdge, please get in touch.


Jeffrey Campbell