This season we have lots of new faces, including the magnificent Maison Chardon. The brand have up until now been working exclusively for custom orders and requests, and are taking their first steps into production for wholesale at LondonEdge. The abstract, couture and fetish inspired label is full of surprises, from opulent fabrics to lace hoods, abstract collections and beautiful craftsman ship. The brand will be joining our catwalk presentation, and available for appointments from the Organisers Office throughout the show. We got in touch with Strawberry Cherie from Maison Chardon, to find out what we can expect to see from them at the show next week…


Edge: How did Maison Chardon begin?

Strawberry Cherie: Maison Chardon is the darling of French-born artist, fetish burlesque performer and provocateur Strawberry Chérie, based in Seoul (South Korea). Since 2012, she’s been making her own stage costumes, on her knees in her attic, with her personal sewing machine. 


Performing mainly in Seoul and Tokyo, people discovered her designs through her shows and then custom orders started coming in. Then one year ago, with the support of her dear friend Siel Chung (now her business partner), she launched Maison Chardon. Maison Chardon is a resolute ally of women and LGBT rights. The Maison pledges to echo the beloved diversity of its many muses and welcomes forward-thinking input that contributes to the collective call for absolute acceptance. So far, they've got to live a passionate adventure with the support of many passionate people, artists, and performers around the world.โ€‹

Edge:  How would you describe the style of the brand?

Strawberry Cherie: Maison Chardon is a creative fashion brand that embodies fetish burlesque inspired couture.


Edge: Your pieces are very opulent, where do you get inspiration for your collections?

Strawberry Cherie: Strawberry Chérie‘s obsession comes from baroque art, religious iconography, symbolism, traditional oriental art, night creatures.... and mostly her deviances and sweet perverted imaginary... but most outfits come from a character built from her personal life. She doesn't follow any rules or trends and she creates and expresses herself through fashion. The clothes are not just accessories, they are a medium to express the inner-self.


Edge: Tell us about your production and voyage into wholesale.

Strawberry Cherie: Up until now, pieces were exclusively produced by Strawberry Chérie on a by-order basis. We are based in Seoul but we will be soon in store in Tokyo and in Los Angeles and we have our Website onโ€‹



Edge: Tell us about your custom work and pieces - is this a popular option? 

Strawberry Cherie: Up until now, it was our main source of income. We work with burlesque performers, dancers, drag queens (corsets to cinch those queens are the hit) and private clients while also being featured in some Korean movies and worn by K-pop groups.  The custom work is necessary to have something unique and answer the technical needs. We build a personal profile by asking questions to the customer in order to be able to create designs that reveal the "soul" of the customer through Maison Chardon’s eyes. We never accept requests to reproduce any other designer creation.


Edge: What’s next for Maison Chardon?

Strawberry Cherie: We are starting to put ourselves more out there and in a few months, the new collection will be launched.... CREATE! CREATE! CREATE!  


Thanks Strawberry Cherie!


Swing by the Organisers office to meet the brand in person and don’t miss their pieces on the catwalk throughout both show days.