Makers & Designers - Part Four

This season, we are bringing new and exciting fledgling businesses and each week we will be giving you a small glimpse into what’s yet to come.  Check our past posts for more.​




PsiPhi is a new independent textile and art label created by self professed print worshipper, colour maniac and renegade artist Sophie Woudberg. If you’re looking for exciting and bold, you’ve come to the right place. 



Laser cut oddities and sillies from the wonderful Frilly Industries. From brooches to snow globes, they’ve got you covered.




With inspiration drawn from Venla’s home country of Finland; it's folklore, nature and animals, as well as myths and symbolism from around the world, Moon and bear’s screen printed items are stunning and sure to be a home-wear best seller.



Ink & Wilderness covers a range of themes, including nature, wildlife, the macabre, magic and all things esoteric. With a love of mountains, , creatures living in the wilderness, folklore, myths and legends. She enjoys bringing all these elements together in darkly detailed illustrations and designs.




70s Glam Rock sass brought to you from the heart of Glasgow. KENNEDY makes 70s aesthetic clothing that allows you to channel your inner Bowie or Bolan. Known for the liberal use of glitter, velvet, bold prints and faux fur, the result is that every customers stands out. The band girl image is at the heart of everything they do. KENNEDY - for the girl who is anything but ordinary!

Frilly Industries
Ink & Wilderness Illustrations
Moon & Bear Screen Printers
Kennedy 70's aesthetic clothing