1st Generation NYC Punks



We’re beyond excited that Tish & Snooky Bellamo, of iconic Manic Panic NYC and longstanding LondonEdge sweethearts, will be taking the floor at this September’s show. To mark an amazing 39 years in the business & with a special nod to 40 years of punk, the girls will be reminiscing and delighting buyers & exhibitors alike with a extra-special retrospective of their lives & experiences since 1977. 


In 1977, sisters and former Blondie back-up singers Tish & Snooky, created the MANIC PANIC® brand (beginning with their store on St. Marks Place – the first punk boutique in America), specializing in products reflecting their rock & roll roots. Still based in NYC, the internationally-distributed line is best known for its rainbow assortment of MANIC PANIC® hair color and cosmetics.

Manic Panic’s growth has all but exceeded Tish and Snooky’s wildest dreams. Today, Manic Panic is a leading cutting-edge hair color and cosmetics company that is innovative and inspirational. What is the secret to their success? “We don’t just sell it, we LIVE it” say Tish and Snooky.