Obsidian Kerttu x LondonEdge



Obsidian Kerttu is an alt blogger and goth model based in Serbia/Croatia. She’s one of our favourite dark gothic dressers, and works many of LondonEdge brands into her daily looks. We got in touch with Obsidian to do an instagram take over… have a peek below at her submission, and head to the Instagram to see the full set.

"Lately I am all into witchy goth, grundge fashion and bringing back the 90's. Wearing Killstar and The Rogue + The Wolf for the ultimate witchy vibes."

"Rocking some Iron Fist Clothing pieces, because hippie goth is fun, comfy and so adorable!"

"Classic goth is my first love! There is nothing better than wearing corset dress with pvc choker and Pleaser shoes!"

"Gothic doll look spiced with punk rave velvet coat, teal accessories and long faux lashes."