Righteous London are a luxury unisex streetwear brand established in 2014 in none other than the UK capital itself. London based designers Ozzie & Elizabeth set out to make the brand unique and highly recognisable through their use of iconic imagery that's synonymous to London. 
























Righteous have established themselves through dedication to their craft, with in-house manufacturing and design meaning the brands production turnover is extremely high, meaning product reaches the market at a faster than usual rate for most brands. The brand have incorporated 100% brushed cotton with a plethora of logo's and philosophical slogans to bring forth the inner strength in all their wearers.




All their garments can be identified with their signature Righteous London plaque on the reverse, with the majority of garments designed to be uni-sex, these London lovers have created a brand that is not only accessible and ready to wear but a cut above the rest with their ethos and production.


The design duo have already seen success with an array of regional wholesalers and we are excited to bring their unique take on UK streetwear to LondonEdge.

LondonEdge welcomes: Righteous London