Our 30th show saw a plethora of new and exciting additions to LondonEdge, most notably the first ever bloggers meet-up, sponsored by one of Europe's most cutting edge editorial fashion magazine's, Fizzy Mag.


Playing host to 30 of the most trendsetting, diverse & fresh new fashion bloggers from the UK and beyond. LondonEdge are huge supporters of the blogging scene, which has seen UK bloggers reach incredible new heights over the past few years - with the likes of Zoella winning MTV awards & releasing a book which became the biggest selling debut novel since records began, to underground bloggers being scouted by the likes of Motel to create exclusive dresses. It's safe to say relationships between bloggers & brands is at an all time high, with their taste making ways influencing a whole new generation of consumers whilst simultaneously creating an entirely new lifestyle movement. 


The exclusively invited LondonEdge blogging elite saw a a prosecco and cupcake reception hosted by the delectable duo, The Tattooed Bakers, who created some delicious LondonEdge inspired treats. Following the cake & fizz, the blogging elite were presented with an incredible goodie-bag overspilling with gifts from an array of exhibitors. Following a brief talk on the history of the show and some industry insights by LondonEdge director Carole Hunter, the bloggers were split into two groups for a personalised tour of the show. 


With a chance to absorb the unique and exciting atmosphere of LondonEdge, personal introductions and a chance to connect with every exhibitor, plus a viewing of the catwalk show, the bloggers were well and truly treated to a one of a kind experience.We caught the whole thing on film, check out the first LondonEdge bloggers meet-up below to find out just why this was one of the most talked about events in LondonEdge's 15 year history. Keep your eyes peeled for the next season…with even more exciting announcements coming over the next few weeks.




LondonEdge Bloggers Meet-Up