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Disturbia in the Spotlight

“Fabricated discord since 2003”
Disturbia has long been one of the iconic got to alternative brands of the past decade.  The name Disturbia is synonymous with their anarchic heritage and distorted look.  Their new collections look towards grunge and rock chic trends and prints whilst still maintaining their underground backbone and sub-culture roots.

Hot on trend this season is witchcraft and Disturbia have channeled their mystical side through their pentagram and Magick vest and Adams inspired 
Wednesday dress.
Keeping in theme, their jewellery and accessories collection plays homage to astronomy with their ritual and lunar titled pieces in metal.

Disturbia have also unveiled eyecatching leotard and bodysuit
 designs with fun colour shot prints in Bunny, Static and Leotard named pieces for their Spring Summer capsule collection.  You can see the full collection here as modeled by Alice keelson of Vicious models Australia.
An ever strong leggings collection incorporates all of the above trends whilst also touching back to their bold Disturbia roots with their skulls and bat country prints.
Their current tee collection embodies all that is Disturbia.  From their newly added wolf tee to their disturbed youth tee, it showcases everything the brand represents and defines another strong season for them.

As a brand etched with music and fashion as their inspiration, they have successfully evolved to embrace a new era of fashion in a changing market without losing their identity and we are delighted to welcome them as returning exhibitors at Londonedge.
You can check out the rest of the Disturbia collection at
Disturbia unleashes new SS14 collection