Popsoda are a London based clothing company with several brands, inspired by the international alternative scene. In September they will be returning to LondonEdge with their brand Hell Bunny, and as one of our favourite recurring brands we can’t wait to see what they have in store for September.


Hell Bunny was the first of Popsoda’s brands, and was created to fill a gap in the market for cooler, edgy alternative clothing. Hellbunny has since gone from strength to strength, to the be one of the most popular alternative brands, with a huge following of loyal fans (over 20k followers on instagram alone!)


Hell Bunny is known for their cute and kitsch prints, often created by illustrator and artists. Investing in signature, unique prints means that Hell Bunny outfits have a covetable element of exclusivity. Hell Bunny designs seamlessly combine alternative genres - a lot of their dress cuts are reminiscent of retro and Lolita styles, with a dash of the punk-ier side thrown in too. Although best known for those cute dresses, Hell Bunny collections also span skirts, tops, trousers and even swimwear, with a full arsenal of vintage silhouettes, for a full range of sizes.

Popsoda - Hell Bunny


Cherry pattern 50's dress

We asked the studio at Popsoda a bit about Hell Bunny, and where they got started


Q  How did Hell Bunny, and Popsoda get started?


Hell Bunny was formed in 2003/2004 after experiencing and being inspired by the fashions of Japan and Thailand. At the time, Popsoda was a menswear company, but after seeing the amazing fashions that were around in the east, and the lack of good alternative/punk/emo clothing in the Uk, Hell Bunny was born.


Hell Bunny has since evolved and has been through a transformation of styles, with lots of experimentation, before settling on a more rockabilly and retro influenced style.

Q  Who would you say is Hellbunnys target customer?


Hell Bunny's target customer is someone who has their own unique style, a lover of unique clothing, retro style or kitsch prints. Someone who likes to wear something a little different from the high street.

Our customers tend to put their own unique spin on the clothing, which we love to see. Lots of them are very involved with the brand, posting outfit pics on our facebook page, or getting involved with instagram and facebook. Hell Bunny attract customers from all over the globe and span a large age group. We also cater for sizes XXS to 4XL making the brand accessible to a wide range of shapes and sizes. 


Q  At LondonEdge we champion the alternative market, but we love how brands integrate current trends into designs. How have Hell Bunny stayed relevant to both the alternative and mainstream markets? 

Hell Bunny have always been at the forefront of alternative fashion and refuse to stand still. 


Having evolved hugely from their early punk stylings, Hell Bunny have always pushed the boundaries of alternative fashion. Currently we have a strong retro and vintage inspired aesthetic which appeals to both the alternative market and more mainstream customers. We work with flattering cuts and use modern fabrics which are universally appealing.


We like to keep up to date with mainstream fashion, and to stay abreast of current trends, but remain true to our alternative roots.


Q  How do you find LondonEdge tradeshow?


Hell Bunny have traded at LondonEdge for many years, and it has been a useful resource to attract new customers from across the globe.


See more about the brand on their website here, and check out Hell Bunny at the show in September – stand M105.