Ultimate #pingame with Punky Pins



One secret to their success is the regular new drops of collections and styles, constantly refreshing their offering with styles and designs that are trend led but totally unique. 


Punky Pins have found fame being featured in the styling of prime time television shows such as The Brit Awards, The X Factor, Big Brothers Big Mouth, Paris Hiltons British Best Friend and Transmission.


With over 11 years in the pin-making game, Punky Pins are now lending their wealth of experience to new designers and makers, and offering a custom pin making service. You can choose between soft enamel or hard and the quantity, and benefit from their years of experience in creating high-quality pins. 


We’re looking forward to seeing their newest collection at the show in September – check out their current range here.

Punky Pins FBI Pin
Girl Gang Pin
Be Yourself Pin by Punky Pins


Indie pin companies have exploded online recently, partly in thanks to social media giant Instagram. Wearing your heart on your sleeves, or your bag or collar, has never been easier! This season at LondonEdge we have pin champions Punky Pins joining us, and bringing their ultimate #pingame, along with jewellery, accessories, patches and more. 


Punky Pins started out life in 2005, with a small range of kitsch 1” button badges created with a kids badge machine in their bedrooms. In the last 11 years they have honed their knowledge on the pin and accessory industry, and now offer full ranges of enamel pins, acrylic pins and wooden pins, and have expanded their product offering to include jewellery, patches, stickers and even a personalised pin service.