So The Rogue and The Wolf are now in their 3rd collection, and it seems you have seen quite a bit of growth this season – how are things going?

Pretty awesome! In the few years since the brand was established, 'The Rogue and The Wolf' grew dramatically and built a loyal and passionate community of super fans that keep inspiring us and pushing us to new heights. We've reached a 100K milestone of amazing fans on Instagram, we have been doubling revenue each year and our team keeps growing! It has been an amazing and terrifying journey!

So, why did you decide to go to London Edge this year?

We heard it's where the coolest brands gather so we had to join! The vibes and style seem to fit our brand perfectly so see you there for some good times.


What can we expect for the S16 collection?

We've got our cauldron bubbling with some cool spells and another hard-hitting collection. Too early to reveal stuff but one thing's for sure, it's going to be badass and will please every heart happiest in darkness.

We are thrilled to welcome The Rogue and The Wolf to LondonEdge in February! The Rogue and The Wolf make stunning 3D printed jewellery and accessories for dark fashion lovers. Their designs truly stand out from the crowd, combining geeky technical excellence with wicked fashion sense to create fresh and innovative designs. 


The brand was started by Eloise and Michael in Jan 2012, and has since gone from strength to strength; they have developed 3 collections, and in the summer of this year they moved to bigger premises and took on further staff. The couple say they started the brand because they, “wanted to create beautiful things and have them materialise out of thin air” And so they did!


We spoke to the team and asked them about their growth this year and what’s to come for The Rogue and The Wolf…




The Rogue and the Wolf

What's next for R+W?

We'll keep pushing and expanding but importantly, keep giving back to our fans with the same love, passion and intensity they give to us. We have in the works some pretty exciting plans of more cool style and fashion that will amaze you!