Stargazer Nail Varnishes SWATCHED



We came across Stephanie Wood’s Instagram account (@Stephyclaws) recently, after cosmetic company Stargazer posted a collage of some of her nail swatches. We love her flawless nails and how she is a chameleon with styles; One moment intricate, colourful, leopard print, the next creamy nude talons. We got in touch with the self confessed nail polish-aholic to ask her what her fave Stargazer products are…


Star Gazer blue nail varnish bottle
Star Gazer red nail varnish bottle

“I love Stargazer, their products are amazing quality and affordable. Not many affordable brands tend to be high quality like stargazer! My top 5 products would have to be…”


1.  White foundation

I use it to lighten my foundation (I am very pale and the light porcelain shades are too dark for me)


2. Stargazer nail polishes 

I really adore the Gel Effect line. 

Natural skin gel effect nail colour
Deep Red Gel Effect nail colour bottle


3. Glitter Shakers 

They are so versatile, I use them for nail art but they can be used with makeup or even for crafts.


Stargazer Nail decor glitter shaker


4. Scented nail polish removers.

They smell lovely, come in loads of different scents, and are acetone free.


5. Setting powder (pressed powder)

In White... It's just amazing!”


Stargazer are back with us this season, and bringing with them their signature brights and bolds. The brand are well known for their neon – See our previous post on their UV and neon colours here (LINK but they also make gorgeous, high pigmented cosmetics for everyday wear too. The team bring a full range of cosmetics to Edge, for eyes, skin, lips, nails and more. Check out the LondonEdge magazine here for our feature on their festival ready glitter pots, and don’t forget to swing by their stand at the show – STAND M213.

Contact to arrange an appointment during the show.