Stargazer - Queens of Neon 


Stargazer are the neon queens of the cosmetic industry. Established in 1978 on the Kings Road, London, Stargazer was at the heart of the punk scene in that area, and it was this attitude towards colour and outrage that moulded many of the company’s ideas behind the ranges they produced.


This punk-driven aesthetic is still a the heart of Stargazer, and now they are a well respected cosmetics company, shipping their bright and bold colours all over the world.




We love this set of images created by DollsKill for the brand – really capturing that insane neon vibe that Stargazer are known for. A peek at the Stargazer Instagram shows the heart of the brand – their loyal, experimental customer base. From full face painting masterpieces to a pop of colour in eyeliner of lipstick, Stargazer customers take inspiration from the products and really run with it!


Stargazer will be back at LondonEdge in September – make sure to head over to their stand to stock up!

“We are still based in the UK, in Croydon, on the outskirts of London.


In the 1980’s, Stargazer began to expand in to the department stores bringing the colours we produced to a wider audience. Then, in the late 1980’s, we started to slowly produce the products ourselves. We now produce the majority of the products in-house. Since Stargazer was first launched, we have expanded our product range considerably, in an effort to offer our customers a wide range of cosmetics and hair colouring products with a wild, colourful and in your face feel to them.”