Stars and Stripes - Too Fast



The American brand presence at Edge has long been a cornerstone of the show. From LA youth culture to the New York punk scene, the US offering at Edge is a favourite among buyers and media alike.


Too Fast is a US brand with it’s fingers in many subculture pies – from their retro inspired Too Fast line to their alt girl goth Rat Baby collections, their garments offer styles that go right across the board. We caught up with Maureen, owner of the brand, and asked her what we can expect to see at the show from both brands for the coming season…


Too Fast is back with two faces this season... Buyers can expect to see a return to our rockabilly roots with traditional retro apparel and even a few looks for those girls living that mermaid lifestyle. But we are also bringing to LondonEdge our darker side... pure psychobilly horror, complete with all the bats, bones, coffins and webs that go along with it. Let's do this thing! Make sure you stop by to see what's new!”


“Don't be a basic witch, be a boss ass witch. New will keep you looking perfectly creepy cute. Come with your #fangsout & get ready to experience all the best in pastel goth and occult couture.”


Too Fast will be with us at STAND ??? – don’t forget to head over during the show! Still haven’t gotten your visitors pass? REGISTER HERE

Coffin Motif Top and Skirt
Sea Shell Clam outfit
Ghosts and Gouls
Nike - Just Die
Dark Pentagon
Black Cat