Woody Ellen




Woody Ellen is a Belgian illustrator and figurative painter, and last season she joined us at Edge with her collection of retro handbags and purses.  


Previously a children’s book illustrator, Ellen creates paintings on custom wooden panes with a bold and lifelike style. Her artwork is evocative of a world where everything is a little more vivid and vibrant than the everyday, and painted with upmost precision and love.


In 2013 she began to turn her paintings into handbag designs, looking to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s for design inspiration. Ellen likes to think of her work as wearable art, and we have to agree with the attention to detail and obvious artistic form clear on every piece.


Woody Ellen handbags stand out from the crowd, and are like nothing else we see at the show, a welcome breath of fresh air in the retro market - we love the cherry blossom and bird prints!

See more of Ellen’s work and products on her website here, and don’t forget to stop by the stand in February.