Instagram Takeovers



Empty Alien x Empty Alien

Hannah Cunningham, aka Empty Alien, is a London based creative blogger making waves with her cool, out-there alternative looks.  We love her alien inspired make up looks, from white out lenses to perfect bold brows, and her outfit looks combining many LondonEdge brands.  She combines trend led fashion with alt subculture vibes to create a mash up of styles that just works…  We asked Hannah to take over our Instagram, and show us how she styles just a few of the LondonEdge brands she loves…


Creepin' around with Killstar… Mesh hoodie and Black Mass Bralet both from Killstar Clothing.


Summer doesn’t have to be a time to avoid black... Witch cardigan from Rat Baby Clothing over the Librastyle Sick Boy T-shirt, with Demonia boots.


Hanging out in a Lazy outfit, Killstar Clothing Leggings in delicious velvet and Librastyle T-shirt.

Thanks Hannah! Check out Hannahs Instagram here.