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 Extravagant & Foxy …. at LondonEdge

Before AlienFox, there was Foxy.  When it came to hats and headpieces, nothing was ever big enough or flamboyant enough & so he started making headpieces to wear out clubbing, or to gigs, or to wherever …. Pretty soon, people were asking him to make them headpieces  for gigs, shows, role-play events, fashion shows …. […]

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 Osiris Shoes present The Ledge mini ramp comp between 2nd – 4th Sept ’12

We’re pleased to annouce the Osiris Mini Ramp Competion taking place at The Ledge trade show in the National Hall, Olympia between Sunday 2nd – Tuesday 4th September ’12. For information about spectator tickets call +44 (0) 1162 898 249 or enter by email through your team manager to before 21st August.

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 Mister Ducktail – London’s Rockabilly Barber at Londonedge

We’re chuffed to say that this season, once again, Mister Ducktail will be setting up shop at Londonedge. Not only will he be recreating his It’s Something Else store with a fabulous 50′s rockabilly, voodoo type theme, but he’ll be providing free hair cuts & styling for our wonderful Londonedge exhibitors & buyers throughout the […]

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 Up to 40% Hotels Discount

With the worlds’ attention firmly focused on the buzz of the London 2012 Olympics, we thought this would be an ideal opportunity to highlight some important information in connection with the next exciting editions of Londonedge & The Ledge. Firstly to remind you of the dateline & venue which is 2nd-4th September 2012 at The […]

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 Bumper Ledge Brand List

  Trade show season has kicked off this week with Bread & Butter & Bright in Berlin. Loads more to come but none more important than THE LEDGE. We’ve got a bumper crop of the very best Streetwear, Action sports & streetwear brands lining up for you between 2nd – 4th September at Olympia…. nicely […]

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 Recent Edge Round Up


Here’s a little brand update for Londonedge ORIGINAL and Londonedge FASHION. Loads of exciting companies, both our wonderful regulars & newbies, showing a G-G-G-GORGEOUS selection of mouth-watering fashion, footwear & accessories for the discerning fashionista, festival-goer, rock-star or retro bunny. Vive La Difference! Make sure you’ve bagged your stand or received your e-ticket!! List as […]

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