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For Skateboarding & Adrenaline Heads. Business with a shot of Adrenaline.

With the industry firmly behind it, The Ledge just continues to grow & develop. It offers an essential London platform for complimentary brands from both the actions sports & street wear sectors to come together in single, convenient venue. The show organisers are known to create order-writing shows and the intention is to deliver exactly that for The Ledge.

‘’The Ledge has taken shape nicely over the last two seasons and has really become what the UK needs; a show for our industry, by our industry. I take my hat off to the LondonEdge for really addressing our needs as an industry and then acting on it.  It’s nice to be part of something that I fully believe in.’’ Matt Law MSL Agency

At it's launch in  September 2011 the show was all about action sports - September 2012 sees a pivotal introduction of the new & anticipated Streetwear area. This has been created to enable streetwear brands to thrive within their own unique environment, whilst still benefiting from a retail crossover with the more action sports brands.

(February '12) was our first showing at The Ledge and on reflection it was definitely worth the effort. We picked up some good new accounts as well as writing business with current customers. What’s more unlike any other show we have attended, the exhibitors have a genuine platform from which to get involved and make suggestions to help develop and improve things as the show grows. This in my opinion is invaluable and means that the future of the show has great potential to become the ‘go to’ exhibition for serious streetwear, skate and action sports buyers not only from the UK but also Europe ......" Tim King Apparel

The Ledge For Skateboarding and adrenaline heads
  • Shaun Loughlin - Freestyle Extreme Trading Brad FARRANT - DC Europe
  • The Ledge was Amazing, good to see a whole load of brands under one roof in a nice relaxed environment. Simon Van-Evelingen SESSIONS SURF SHOPS LTD
  • It really felt organic and that's what you sometimes miss with the big European fashion/streetwear shows nowadays. We look forward to associate Element to the show even more and see the Ledge grow in the future. Julian Duval - Element
  • The show was great, we only intended to spend a few hours there and ended up spending the whole day. Shaun Loughlin - Freestyle Extreme Trading
  • The addition of a dedicated streetwear village for this season reinforces my belief that this show has the potential to be THE platform for streetwear in the UK market. Tim Hoad - King Apparel
The Ledge