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Banana Moon is a concept store founded in 1978. From the very beginning Banana Moon set itself the goal of keeping its’ customers up-to-date with all of the news on the international streetwear scene. 

Their special attention has always been given to the hardcore, rock and punk world that is so very present in their store with brands such as Naked Wolfe, Buffalo London and New Rock which was discovered & ordered during the LondonEdge event in London, UK. 

Over the last 4 years, LondonEdge has now become an essential show for Banana Moon to visit because it perfectly embodies two values that Banana Moon 1978 has always believed: 1) The power of networking and 2) The necessity for market research. 

Banana Moon say: “Our concept store is one of the reference points in all of southern Italy as far as news is concerned and we are proud to define ourselves as the only store that supports and spreads the hardcore world. A special thanks goes to the Italian model and influencer Ludovica Melisurgo (@_la_lou) who is wearing the New Rock Softy Safari in the photograph. Special thanks also to Asap Showroom based in Milan and New Rock Italy.”


Visit their instagram and facebook pages for all the latest photos and news.


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