Pink and White boots with glittered toe cap and ankle strap feature
Sequin over coat worn by model in angle pose

Wrap up while looking cool

Even in the brightest of sunny days, it gets cold at night. No one wants to throw a hoody over their outfit anymore when it gets a little chilly out. Every item needs to be carefully considered. That’s why there’s been a massive surge of faux fur (faux being the operative word) and statement leather jackets on the market to have consumers wrapping up in style. Beautifully decorative and vibrant colours are strong so be sure to stock a good selection to hit those all-important targets. J. Valentine Inc., OSX and Indyanna are great brands to be heading to for jackets that pack a punch but will be with them for seasons to come. 

Chained rainbow coloured bikini top
coloured Breast petals and patterned jacket worn by black haired model

Accessorise All Areas 

A wise woman said, accessories make the look. We know this to be true so at LondonEdge we’re host to a plethora of accessory brands to ensure that you’re fully stocked with items that are bang on-trend for every season. Ranging from the hats of Jools Elphin Knitwear, to pins and patches from Geeky and Kinky Pins, or rainbow bright hair colours, and even the crazy backpacks from PS Wholesale Ltd, it’s important to keep your collections up-to-date as consumers look to create the ultimate selection of outfits as they prepare to live their best lives and suspend reality for a whole weekend of festival fun. 


Bare all but Cover-up! 

Risqué is where it’s at right now &, when it comes to youth fashion, festivals know no bounds. We’ve seen a huge movement towards baring all, for body paints to see-through tops and pasties. There are no limitations, although festival-goers are still keen to cover-up their modesty. That’s why pasties have been huge over the past few years on the festival circuit. We’re lucky enough to house two of the most creative brands who create a massive range to cover-up every taste in Pastease and Neva Nude. We know you’re just going to love them. ​

Skimpy sun bathing outfit and fishnets worn by women at camp site.

Get chunky! 

We hate to sound like your mum but footwear is an important consideration when it comes to a festival outfit and a big purchase overall. Wellies are no longer the order of the day as they’re uncomfortable and hard to walk in. Consumers know that whatever footwear they choose needs to last the weekend, provide comfort, support and be durable in any weather. We can never rely on the great British weather, but any footwear that fits all the above is going to carry a heavy price tag – it’s a highly considered purchase so be sure to provide choice. We are loving KOI Footwear, New Rock Shoes, Strange Cvlt and YRU. Teamed with some fabulous fishnets or designer tights from Pamela Mann, the look is complete. Link selling is where it’s at for your sales so make sure you’re offering the correct brands and ranges. 


Facial Fashions

Glitter, gemstones… facial decoration is a huge trend that’s not going away. However, beautiful as they may be both glitter and gems tend to be plastic based and as we know all too well, not great for the environment. Let’s be honest, consumers still want to embellish their makeup looks when they’re in the sunshine, drinking a beer and listening to their favourite artists live, so it’s our responsibility to guide them to something a little more echo-friendly. Check out a brand that’s new to LondonEdge this season, Face Florals. They create stunning facial decorations using pressed flowers, meaning their naturally bio-degradable too. Surely, it’s the perfect solution for our environmentally aware audience? ​

Summer fashion Trends - Model wearing black long sleeved crop top, mini skirt and fish-nets
Denim jacket with classic, retro badge pins

So, need to get your store fully stocked and ready for the crowds heading out to party in summer 2019? Register for your visitor badge & visit the website to plan your trip to London or Las Vegas. We’d love to see you. Why on earth would you go anywhere else?


Dates for your diary:

13th & 14th August 2019, Las Vegas, USA

1st & 2nd September 2019, London, UK

Get Set for Festival Season the LondonEdge Way​

Model on Merry go round, with green hair and green  leopard patterned dress
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Since festival season is officially here, all eyes are on what’s going to be gracing the fields of Glastonbury, Latitude and Creamfields. According to all our favourite brands here at LondonEdge, Summer 2019 is set to be as flamboyant as ever. So, forget Coachella… here’s the lowdown on what you NEED to be stocking right now to be riding high in sales right now. 

Keepers are King! 
Gone are the days of throwaway fashion. Sustainability is the buzzword on everyone’s lips right now, so timeless items that draw the eye will be key to your collections this season. The millennial shopper is looking for garments that will stand the test of time. Statement pieces with longevity are where you’re going to get your sales wins so look for brands who are creating beautiful garments that stand out from the crowd. There are many trends that will be evergreen for years to come that will also be staples in your customers wardrobes. Sequins or all things shiny are always going to be a ‘thing’ for magpies at festivals, AW and a go to for office Christmas parties. Brands that totally have your back for this are Gatsby Lady, Sparkl Fairy Couture, Get Crooked, IVY Berlin and J. Valentine Inc.


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