There’s no escaping them, vibrant zesty neon shades are huge this summer. Ready to make a big bang in the wardrobes of those courageous fashionistas, these uber bright hues just knocked pastels out of the game and we love it! 

Brands: Ivy Berlin, Get Crooked, Daisy Street Clothing, Indyanna, Strange Couture …

Two models wearing neon designed  one piece outfits and platformed boots
Women sitting down, wearing red sequin one piece outfit with sash

Fancy Flats 

Here at LondonEdge, we heart footwear! We’re also huge fans of comfort so it’s music to our ears that shoes have suddenly come a lot more down to earth. This summer it’s not about being closer to God, comfort is king. Did you not get the memo during Spring that trainers were ‘the one’? So, stock up on those comfy flats and let the #fashfun and the sales roll on in! 

Brands: Lulu Hun, TUK Footwear, KOI Footwear, New Rock Shoes, Lola Ramona, Joe Browns.

White sandal shoe with black sole
Multicoloured flat platform shoes with heart logo

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Sequins, Neons, Brights & More …​

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So, we’ve had our ear to the ground this week and we’ve got some more trends for Summer 2019 that you really need to be jumping on when you’re stocking up your collections. What is going to be maximising your sales this season? Let’s hope that the sun comes out again… but even so, here’s what you need to be looking for from your brands to boost your business. 



Since when has there not been a lot of love for sequins? Sequins have always been a ‘thing’ but this season they’re so dazzling that you simply can’t ignore them!


Offered up in endless carnations, this season look for the more gently beaded style. The ultimate garments for a day to evening look, or even just being hip at a festival, bring on the glitz and sparkle all summer. 

Brands: Gatsby Lady, Neva Nude, Unique Vintage, PS Wholesale, Konane …



We love a shoulder and we know that bold shoulders have been around for a while, but they’ve transformed this season from the padded numbers that we know and love to something a lot puffier. Now pleated at the shoulder and gathered by the elastic, working the square neckline on feminine shapes, let’s hope the weather brightens-up to show them off in all their glory or it could prove difficult to put on a jacket! 

Brands: The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, Collectif, Unique Vintage, Love Khaos …


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