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Rouge & Rogue Make-Up collection 2

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Rouge & Rogue Make-up - Logo designed like wax seal
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Rouge & Rogue Dark, mysterious and enchanting, Rouge & Rogue's line of eyelashes and accessories are a unique experience. From the sleek black packaging, to the wax seal, to the beautiful product inside, the wearer will be transported into a mystical, ethereal world.


Inspired by the dichotomy of light & dark, elements of space and a bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure, each product in the line if reflective of the brand’s incredible ethos. 


Creating lashes for people with graphic style, the brand just love an icon. Anyone who has a bit of edge to their look is where it’s at for this brand. So, they would die to see Lady Gaga, Rihanna, or Lupita Nyong’o wearing their products. 


But for Rouge & Rogue, overall ‘life is an adventure’ and you never know what’s just around the corner. They’d love to one day hit the big time and be stocked in stores and online throughout the world and expand into cosmetics too. This brand has real ambition and the drive to achieve it too, so watch this space. 


Discover mysterious beauty on booth 426 in the Makers & Designers area of the Las Vegas show.



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